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  I cannot express how touched an grateful I am to you and Kamm Cares. Because of your generosity, I was able to get medicine that insurance will not cover. I know your sister is so proud of you.  
Karen Rice
  I want to say first, thank you! I received your check today in the amount of $150, and I just can’t say thank you enough. This will help me so much, because I have right now, three RX’s at Walmart that I was going to ask the pharmacy to hold until the 1st of October, but I can go to get them now.  
Barbara Dunn
Knowville, TN
  Thank you so much for the $250 grant. It was a blessing to me and it helped greatly with my expenses and being able to receive my proton radiation treatment out of town in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am very grateful to you.  
Mary Wdip

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  Thank you to you and Kamm Cares for approving my grant application!  

Karen Cheatham, 46
Richmond, VA
(Photo not available)
  Thank you!  

Anne C. Boudwin, 42
Blandon, PA
  I’m sorry this note has taken so long. I just want you to know I truly appreciate the generous gift you sent to me and my family. Your kindness has helped ease some of the financial stress associated with stage four breast cancer. Thank you!  

Renee McGhaee
Little Rock, AK
  From the looks of your letter, you don’t understand how much of a blessing you are. From using overdraft from month to month, I say thank you so, so much. You’ll never ever know how much you helped my daughter and me. I’m sorry for the delay. After we thought chemo was done, and I was preparing for radiation, I recently found out I may be having to prepare for an extra 14 weeks of one chemo and one year of another drug. Blessings sent to you.  

Claudia Howell, 44
Cuddlebackville, NY
  Thank you!  

Regina Zachery, 51
Pittsburgh, PA
  Thank you!  

Rita Jean Crowell, 52
Greensburg, PA
  Thank you!  

Rena S. Jackson, 35
Allentown, PA
  Your generosity is greatly appreciated! I am thankful that there are people like you! This is a blessing!  

Kimberlee Hains
Scranton, PA
  Thank you!  

Johanna Madigan, 68
Jim Thorpe, PA
(Photo not available)
  Thank you!  

Jacqueline Cotto, 46
Pennsauken, NJ
  Thank you!  

Stacy Hoover, 41
Spring Glen, PA
  Thank you!  

Tracy Chambers
Long Beach, CA
  Thank you!  

Gertrude Schmidt
Dingmans Ferry, PA
  Thank you!  

Shirley Friedman,38
West Chester, PA

Thank you!



Tracy Chambers
Long Beach, CA
(Photo not available)
  Thank you!  

Arlene Walker
Philadelphia, PA
  Thank you!  

Amy Kroll, 50
Philadelphia, PA

  Thank you!  

Tonya Canty, 50
Philadelphia, PA

  Thank you!  

Laura Reynolds
Painesville, OH


Kamm Cares,
I just want to say thank you so much for the money. It will really help my family with groceries and gas to get to the cancer center. I am very appreciative. Your organization is fantastic.



Christine Pfeil, 40
Hazelton, PA

  I recently received assistance from your foundation. I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much we appreciated the help. You made a tough time easier.  

MaDonna Marie
Vacaville, CA

  Mr. McKenzie,
Thank you for your generous gift to help me and my family while I was going through treatments. I am now finished with chemo and radiation treatments and plan on starting back to work in my human services field. I wish you success and blessings in all you do. You are an angel and you make me want to dance for joy!

Joyce Kamara, 60
Lancaster, PA


Dear Kenneth,
If I hadn’t known before receiving chemo treatment that I would have received such a wonderful gift, I would of gave up long ago, but for some reason, God and family kept me going, even with all the hurt, pain, and my other illnesses.
Life is funny; one night you go to bed and your life is on track, then the next night, you’re waking up and falling off the train, struggling to get back on board.
My spirit is strong, but the body is weak, but my family and good people like you will make me stronger. It’s also hard when your family cannot help you financially or take you on a vacation, but their love is strong, and I am here another day with them.


Trudy Strunds

(Photo not available)
  You give me hope. It helped some with all the bills; there are so many. Sometimes I just want to give up, but then there are people like you.  

Caprece Hernandez
San Diego, CA

  Dear Kenneth and everyone at KammCares,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I do not know how to put into words how blessed you have made me feel. Again, I thank you.

Stacy Hoover

(Photo not available)

Dear KammCares,
Thank you so very much for the check! Words just cannot express how grateful I am for your kindness and thoughtfulness. May God’s blessings always be upon you.


Stephanie Taylor, 46
Doylestown, PA



Dear Ken,
I received you kind letter and grant check. Thank you so very much for your empathy and for considering me for this award. I truly do appreciate it very much.
This is a wonderful program you are running, and believe me, every little bit really does help! I feel blessed to have been the recipient of your generosity and that of your donors.
My treatment is progressing along. I just had some reconstruction surgery recently and I am feeling pretty good. This check certainly made me feel better. Once again, thank you so very much, and God bless!